So much more than rocks and trees;

It's a spiritually healing discovery.

This oddment of life for us to see,

Is within the origins of Archeology.

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Let me introduce myself. I am Geoffrey P. Whittum, archeologist, lecturer, and a healer of heart and mind. My many years of exploring the woods lead to profound discoveries. Since childhood, I wandered deep into the forest often, seeking solace and peace among nature. Throughout my woodland travels, I started to see stones and boulders; chiseled or stacked, creating faces and profiles. I discovered habitations and chambers,  temples and spires, stairs and mounds, balanced rocks and walls, foundations, ancient drill holes, and many other configurations. These ancient formations are not by accident. Come explore as we delve into the history of these amazing structures; who created them, and what it means to our own history as humans. 

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